Race and Reconciliation: The Role of the School
By: J.H. Fischer
Published: circa 1968
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Tags: education access, education equity, equality, ethnicity, John Fischer, Race, reconciliation, school

Race a[...].pdf
Description/Abstract: This file contains a journal article titled "Race and Reconciliation: The Role of the School" written by Professor John H. Fischer in 1966. The article zooms into cross-racial, cross-ethnic educational equity and equality in the U.S. during the 60s. It specifically focuses on education access to Black American students and how schools function their role in improving such access.

In addition, the file also contains a letter to Professor Fischer from Luther G. Hagard Jr., Professor of Department of Government. Professor Hagard wrote to request for the permission of a reprint of Professor Fischer's article for his publication "The Politics of Black America".