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The PocketKnowledge Viewer


We envisioned the PK Viewer to be a place where researchers, students and the general public alike could view the Gottesman Libraries art collections. Here are some of the features of the Viewer that I'm sure you'll appreciate

    The Viewer lets you preview images as a list of thumbnails, as a text based list or as single images in both a "slideshow" and "non-slideshow" format.
  • Organization
    The Viewer maintains pocket categorization but lets you organize within a pocket by date, title and artist/photographer.
  • Slideshow
    We've not only built an auto-play slideshow but also given you controls so you can see what you want, at the speed and the order in which you want it. To enhance the viewing experience we've included a "hide navigation" button that will hide everything that is not the image and the description of the piece. All of these are on a black background that makes all the images really pop!
  • Search
    The search feature lets you search across all pockets and gives you answers that relevant with a custom ranking system. The search results give you a preview of the image so you're not just receiving text results
  • Downloading
    You can now download individual files in low or medium resolution. If you would like to download hires versions you can contact the Library to get permission to do.

So check out the site and let us know what you think. We'd love your feedback.

About EdLab

EdLab is a research, design, and development unit at Teachers College, Columbia University. EdLab envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial world. EdLab engages in work that has the potential to contribute to the improvement of educational institutions today and the broader evolution and reconfiguration of future educational services.

Our work is divided into five foundational areas: Reimagining Schooling, Innovations for Online Learning, New Directions for Online Publishing, Efficiencies in Educational Research, and Charting the Future of Libraries. Please visit the Projects page for more information.

Project Team

The project team for the PK Viewer consisted of Brian Hughes, Ankit Ranka and Pravin Sathe.

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To report a bug, request a feature, offer a suggestion or to get your pocket in the viewer email contact us

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