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1.Eight articles in response to a highly controversial talk Esther Dartigue gave in 1935 on women's education in Haiti, sponsored by the country's first feminist organization, La Ligue Feminine d'Action Sociale, which Madeleine Sylvain asked her to join in co-founding.

2.Three articles by Esther Dartigue appearing in the Association France-Haiti's annual Bulletin. The first two concern the construction of a hospital in Haiti to serve 100,000, a project championed by Yvonne Sylvain, Haiti's first woman doctor who had asked the Association to help raise funds. The third article is about the four Sylvain sisters, the first Haitian women to earn advanced degrees. There is a fourth piece, an obituary of Maurice Dartigue.

3.Seven articles by Esther Dartigue, written between 1958 and 1970 and appearing in American and international publications concerning bilingual education in an international nursery-school setting, for which she had become a spokesperson and specialist.
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[thumbnail] "Forging Ahead: Recollections of the Life and Times of Esther Dartigue"
by J. Dartigue (2013)
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[thumbnail] Corrections to "Forging Ahead: Recollections of the Life and Times of Esther Dartigue"
by J. Dartigue (2013)
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[thumbnail] Various Articles on Early Childhood Education & Bilingualism in an International Nursery School Setting
by E. Dartigue (n/a, 1958 - 1970)
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[thumbnail] Four Articles from Association France-Haiti’s Annual Bulletin
by E. Dartigue (n/a, 1981 - 1985)
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[thumbnail] Eight Articles in Response to a Highly Controversial Talk
by P. Master (1935)
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[thumbnail] Curriculum Vitae of Esther Dartigue
by J. Dartigue (05/25/2013)
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[thumbnail] "Un Haïtien Exceptionnel, Maurice Dartigue: La Contribution de Maurice Dartigue à L'éducation en Haïti, aux Nations-Unies et à l'UNESCO"
by E. Dartigue (1992)
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[thumbnail] "An Outstanding Haitian, Maurice Dartigue: The Contribution of Maurice Dartigue in the Field of Education in Haiti, the United Nations, and UNESCO"
by E. Dartigue (1994)
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