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The Gottesman Libraries digital archival holdings include significant research resources of individuals and organizations, including the papers of President William F. Russell, President Arthur Levine, the TC International Institute, and the TC Afghanistan Education Project. Additionally, there are extensive collections of faculty papers illustrating scholarly interests and achievements of individual members and their work with academic programs and institutes of the College. Notable, for example, are Mary Alice White, Paul Monroe, Hazel Hertzberg, George Bereday, Edward Thorndike, Mary Swartz Rose, A. Harry Passow, and Maxine Greene.
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[thumbnail] A Primer for Making Cost Adjustments in Education
by W. Fowler & National Center for Education Statistics (1/1/2001)
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[thumbnail] Federal Formula Allocation For Schools: Historical Perspective and Lessons from New York State
by J. Kadamus & Journal of Official Statistics (03/2002)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] School Funding Tests State; Education Commissioner Says Legislators Must Choose
by P. Reide & The Post-Standard (4/1/2004)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Who's Who on School Panel
by J. Barron & New York Times (8/4/2004)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Group: Add $2B to N.Y. Ed. Budget
by New York Post (12/19/2003)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Governor Pataki and School Aid
by New York Post (12/14/2002)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Gov, Carl in Flip' Flap Over Ed. Suit
by New York Post (9/15/2002)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Financing Adequate Resources for New York Public Schools
by J. Sonstelie & Education Finance Research Consortium (01/2004)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Gov. Summons Legislature in Ed. Crisis
by New York Post (7/21/2004)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] School Reformers Lose Payback Bid
by New York Post (6/2/2004)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Rudy Allies Revolt Over School $$
by C. Campanile, D. Seifman & New York Post (5/17/2001)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Activists Protest Cuts at Visual and Performing Arts
by S. Linstedt & Buffalo News (8/16/2002)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Look for Some Odd Bedfellows
by K. Lovett & New York Post (1/11/2001)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Suit Seeks to Force School-Funding Issue
by New York Post (1/13/2005)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Further Budget Cuts for Falls Schools Hinge on Additional State Funding
by P. Westmoore & Buffalo News (1/7/2005)
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