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The Gottesman Libraries digital archival holdings include significant research resources of individuals and organizations, including the papers of President William F. Russell, President Arthur Levine, the TC International Institute, and the TC Afghanistan Education Project. Additionally, there are extensive collections of faculty papers illustrating scholarly interests and achievements of individual members and their work with academic programs and institutes of the College. Notable, for example, are Mary Alice White, Paul Monroe, Hazel Hertzberg, George Bereday, Edward Thorndike, Mary Swartz Rose, A. Harry Passow, and Maxine Greene.
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Unheard Voices: Korean Immigrant Mothers' Experiences with the United States Special Education System
by J. Kim (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Becoming a "Jazzperson" Moving Beyond Sounds and Tones
by G. Tornatore (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

The Leadership Development Orientation of Different Ideal Types of Charismatic Political Leadership and the Perceived Effect on the Development of Followers' Leadership Potential
by J. Welch IV (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Lessons Learned from Designing, Tailoring, and Implementing Culturally Appropriate Peer-Lied HIV/AIDS Prevention Programs in India: A Presentation and Analysis of Three Cases Studies
by A. Bahl (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

The Effects of Customization of Player Experiences in an Extended Online Social Game: A Mixed Method Study
by S. Turkay (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

A Lived Experience of Making a Decision Whether or Not to Undergo Genetic Testing for Alzheimer's Disease
by A. Balz (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Music in the Lives of Bronx Adolescents: A Case Study of the Celia Cruz High School of Music
by N. Dosman (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

I am not that Girl; This is not my Narrative Contesting the Discourses and Practices that Construct the Subject
by E. Cone (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Education for Repatriation: Refugee Education Policy-Making Globally and for Burundian Refugees in Tanzania
by S. Smith (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

A Case Study of a "Collaborative Organizational Innovation" Intervention, Combining Action Research and Design-Thinking Methodologies
by J. Wetzler (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Experience and the Arts: An Examination of an Arts-Based Chemistry Class
by P. Wunsch (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Critical Discourse Analysis of Multicultural Education Policies and their Local Implementation in Korea
by Y. Lee (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Students' Meaningful Engagements with Contemporary Artwork with Korean Museum Educational Contexts and School Curriculum Environments
by H. Rhee (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Celebrating Language: The Case of The New York State Spanish Spelling Bee
by C. Makar (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

Introducing and Integrating Gifted Education into an Existing Independent School: An Analysis of Practice
by S. McKibben (05/22/2013)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters


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