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The Gottesman Libraries digital archival holdings include significant research resources of individuals and organizations, including the papers of President William F. Russell, President Arthur Levine, the TC International Institute, and the TC Afghanistan Education Project. Additionally, there are extensive collections of faculty papers illustrating scholarly interests and achievements of individual members and their work with academic programs and institutes of the College. Notable, for example, are Mary Alice White, Paul Monroe, Hazel Hertzberg, George Bereday, Edward Thorndike, Mary Swartz Rose, A. Harry Passow, and Maxine Greene.
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[thumbnail] A Study of Students' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of an Interdisciplinary Method for Teaching Injury-Preventive Piano Technique
by B. Lister-Sink (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Mother-Adolescent Daughter Interaction: How Maternal Roles Affect Discursive Outcomes
by D. DelPrete (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] How Do Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Influence Self-Management and Control of Type-2 Diabetes in Later Life?
by D. Geiger (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Toward a Framework of Culturally Intelligent K-12 School Leadership: A Qualitative Study of Ten U.S.-Based International School Principals' Described Use of Cultural Intelligence in Their Interactions With Students' Families
by J. Hickey (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Predictors of High Parental Ratings of Their Adolescent's Potential for Success in College and for Health Status Supporting Persistence in Academic Success: Toward Fostering Parental Involvement in College Preparation
by K. Sadler (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] A Qualitative Multiple Case Study of Four Graduate Ceramic Art Students Enrolled in Different Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree Programs
by A. Buck (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Ensemble Educators, Administrators, and Evaluation: Support, Survival, and Navigating Change in a High-Stakes Environment
by C. Bernard (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Research, Learning, and Diversity as Professional Identity: How Members of Academic-Practitioner Collaborative Research Teams Learn To Deal With Their Professional Diversity
by R. Kowalski (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Reported Executive Coaching Practices That Lead to Interpersonal Behavior Change as Viewed Through Adult Learning
by S. Palmer (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Black Middle School Students' Mindsets and Mathematics Success
by S. Nembhard (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Cambodian-American Views of Family-School Partnerships and Family Involvement in Education
by P. Keo (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] The Institutional Rational of Transnational Corporations in International Education Development: A Grounded Theory Analysis of Cisco, Inter, and Microsoft
by L. Patil (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] The Reality Behind The Hype-Online World Language Teaching and Instructional Design
by T. Cheng (02/11/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Effects of Social-Psychological Interventions on ESL Learners` English Speaking Performance
by I. Wang (10/15/2014)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Empowerment Profiles for HIV Medication Self-Management: An Online Investigation Identifying Predictors of High Self-Ratings for Adherence--Self-Efficacy, Stages of Change, Skills, Social Support, and Access to Role Models
by M. Koko (10/15/2014)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters


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