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The Gottesman Libraries digital archival holdings include significant research resources of individuals and organizations, including the papers of President William F. Russell, President Arthur Levine, the TC International Institute, and the TC Afghanistan Education Project. Additionally, there are extensive collections of faculty papers illustrating scholarly interests and achievements of individual members and their work with academic programs and institutes of the College. Notable, for example, are Mary Alice White, Paul Monroe, Hazel Hertzberg, George Bereday, Edward Thorndike, Mary Swartz Rose, A. Harry Passow, and Maxine Greene.
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[thumbnail] How Student Affairs Professionals Learn to Meet Student Needs and Institutional Expectations
by D. Cepin (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] (In)visible Sons: Exploring the Enactment of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with African American Adolescent Males
by K. Allen (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] An Exploration of Barriers and Facilitators of HIV Testing Uptake in Adolescents in an Urban Setting in New York City
by C. Lee (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Using Geographic Information System (GIS) to Identify Clustered Elevated Rates of HIV and Syphilis Co-Infection in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Selected Areas in Texas and New York: Comparison and Identification of Core Areas for Targeted Prevention
by J. Morrison-Jones (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences of the Implementation of a Social-Emotional Learning Program in an Inner-city Public Elementary School
by J. Sung (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Beyond Boredom in the Bandroom: Examining Adolescent Student Engagement and Motivation during Secondary Band Classes
by L. Weiss (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Factors Associated with Screening Mammogram Adherence Among Sociodemographically Diverse Women: Findings From the 2013 Health Information National Trends Survey
by Y. Zhu (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Factors Associated with Fall Risk Score in Community Dwelling Elderly Blacks
by G. Vieux Basler (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Fatalism and Its Role in Post Cardiac Surgery Depression
by P. AnneTrainor-0`Malley (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Beyond Incidents and Apologies: Toward a New Understanding of Campus Racial Conflict
by B. Vega (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] The Connections Between Four-Quadrant Brain Theory and Executive Coach Development
by T. Dotson (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Integrated Solutions Strategies Demistified: The Interaction of Customer Learning Experiences and Persistence of Entry Barriers
by C. Spaeth (5/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] A Study of Students' Perceptions of the Effectiveness of an Interdisciplinary Method for Teaching Injury-Preventive Piano Technique
by B. Lister-Sink (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Mother-Adolescent Daughter Interaction: How Maternal Roles Affect Discursive Outcomes
by D. DelPrete (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] How Do Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Influence Self-Management and Control of Type-2 Diabetes in Later Life?
by D. Geiger (05/20/2015)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters


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