2011 Teachers College Columbia University PhD Dissertations
This pocket contains 2011 PhD dissertations from Teachers College Columbia University.
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[thumbnail] School Choice Overseas: Are Parents Citizens Or Consumers?
by D. Park (2011)
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[thumbnail] Rater Drift In Constructed Response Scoring Via Latent Class Signal Detection Theory And Item Response Theory
by Y. Park (2011)
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[thumbnail] Examining The Perceived Internal And External Effectiveness Of NGOs In The Palestinian Territories: The Role Of Complexity, Resilience, And Job Adaptability
by N. Musallam (2011)
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[thumbnail] Can Chameleons Lead Change? The Effect Of Resistance To Change On High Self-Monitoring Leaders' Strength Of Purpose
by R. Morris (2011)
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[thumbnail] Perceived Career Barriers: The Role Of Ethnic Identity, Acculturation, And Self-Efficacy Mediators Among Latina/o College Students
by B. Mejia (2011)
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[thumbnail] Making Transnational Adults From Youth: Mexican Immigrant Youth In Pursuit Of The Mexican Dream
by I. Martinez (2011)
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[thumbnail] Managing Uncertainty During Organization Design Decision-Making Processes: The Moderating Effects Of Different Types Of Uncertainty
by A. Mann (2011)
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[thumbnail] The Effects Of The Acquisition Of Conditioned Reinforcement For Adult Faces And/Or Voices On The Rate Of Learning And Attention To The Presence Of Adults For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
by J. Maffei (2011)
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[thumbnail] Predicting The Results Of School Finance Adequacy Lawsuits
by Z. Lynn (2011)
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[thumbnail] The Effect Of Instructional Embodiment Designs On Chinese Language Learning: The Use Of Embodied Animation For Beginning Learners Of Chinese Characters
by M. Lu (2011)
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[thumbnail] The Montessori Method's Use Of Seguin's Three-Period Lesson And Its Impact On The Book Choices And Word Learning Of Students Who Are Deaf Or Hard Of Hearing
by R. Jackson (2011)
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[thumbnail] Effects Of Parental Or Caregiver Death Prior To Age Eighteen On Depressive Symptons And Grief Following Miscarriage
by A. Iyer-Kothari (2011)
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[thumbnail] Social Capital As A Determinant Of School Participation In Rural India: A Mixed Methods Study
by R. Iyengar (2011)
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[thumbnail] Beginning Mathematics Teachers From Alternative Certification Programs: Their Success In The Classroom And How They Achieved It
by E. Ham (2011)
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[thumbnail] Anger Expression And Adaptation To Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Role Of Disclosure Context
by S. Gupta (2011)
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