[picture]Education Policy & Social Analysis (EPSA)
Beginning with the 2011 2012 academic year, Teachers College will launch a Department of Education Policy and Social Analysis (EPSA). The new department brings together programs, faculty, and students with complementary interests and will expand our capacity to meet student needs and conduct leading-edge research across a range of education, health, and social science disciplines.

The department will offer a Masters and Doctoral interdisciplinary education policy program based on the highly successful Leadership, Policy, and Politics (LPP) program. LPP combines an emphasis on strong research skills with understanding of the political, bureaucratic, organizational, economic, legal and social forces that affect schools and the broader educational enterprise. TC faculty joining EPSA will strengthen this program's capacity to focus on the entire trajectory of educational experiences and transitions from early childhood through higher education and beyond. The program will also give students a sophisticated understanding of law and education and the dynamics among schools, neighborhoods, and various governing bodies.

The education landscape has been changing, with greater centralization within the federal system, greater public commitment to addressing achievement gaps, and greater privatization in education delivery. Courses and faculty research in EPSA will help students and other audiences better understand the shape, causes, and implications of these changes.

Also housed within EPSA will be three nationally prominent discipline-based programs in Economics & Education, Politics & Education, and Sociology & Education. Each is taught by eminent, internationally respected scholars who combine expertise in the important theoretical and methodological tools of their academic discipline with experience in applying these tools toward solving thorny and controversial issues in the world of educational practice.
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