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[thumbnail] The Role of Coping and Racial Identity in the Relationship between Racism-Related Stress and Psychological Distress for Asian Americans
by N. Cha (12/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] The influence of school climate on students' experiences of peer sexual harassment in high schools
by C. Tully (03/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] Acculturation and Asian Values Gap, Relationship with Parents, and Psychological Well-Being among Korean American Youth
by A. Kim (11/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] Exploring the Emotional Correlates of White Racial Identity Attitudes
by M. Siegel (10/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] The Disenfranchised Grief Experience of Miscarriage
by L. Rosenzweig (11/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] "Can't Thrive By Yourself, You Know?" How Poor People of Color Experience Thriving In An Urban Community
by L. Romero (11/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] Transnational motherhood: The impact of immigration related mother-child separation on Latina mothers
by S. Graham (11/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] Contemporary Racial Attitudes as Predictive of Whites' Responses to Discrimination against Blacks
by C. Dize (11/2011)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] School counselors' perceptions of biracial students' functioning
by M. Kindaichi (10/2010)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh

[thumbnail] The influence of racial identity and racism-related coping and mental health among Black Americans
by J. Forsyth (10/2010)
uploaded by: Dana Haugh


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