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[thumbnail] A Philosophical Approach to Relational Thinking in Mathematics
by R. Wright (5/21/2014)
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[thumbnail] Attitude of Latino Students Towards High School Physical Education
by G. Diaz (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Community College Internationalization:Faculty Perspectives and Practices
by C. Watson (05/21/2014)
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[thumbnail] A Qualitative Study of Asian American Division Directors and Heads of School in Independent Schools
by S. Wang (05/21/2014)
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[thumbnail] Songs Gone Unheard: Complicating the Myth of Korean Immigrant Experiences Through the Examination of a Children’s Community Chorus
by H. Yu (2014)
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[thumbnail] A Mobile Writing Studio: Exploring the Cultivation of Self And Digital Literacy Practices of Court-involved Youth in An Alternative to Detention Program
by K. Kerr (2014)
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[thumbnail] The Prevalence of College Sexual Assault Among Women in The Digital Media Era: An Online Investigation of Potential Impacts From Social Networking, Pornography, Cyberbullying and Sexting
by S. Andar (2014)
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[thumbnail] Translating Theory into Practice: A Study Of Collaborative Action Research in Academic Administration
by B. Thompson (05/21/2014)
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[thumbnail] Representing Documentary Film in The Social Studies Classroom: Lessons From an Online Professional Development Course
by E. Livingston (2014)
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[thumbnail] “Seeing like a Constructivist”: Learner-centered Pedagogy and Teacher Education In Chennai, Tamil Nadu
by M. Pathmarajah (05/21/2014)
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[thumbnail] Young Men Who Have Sex with Men in the Eras of Online Social Networking and Hiv/Aids: An Online Investigation Into Factors Related to Engagement in Risk And Protective Behavior
by E. Santacruz (2014)
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[thumbnail] Walking Economy Associated with or Without Auditory Cueing During Treadmill Walking in Participants with Parkinson’s Disease
by P. Gallo (05/21/2014)
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[thumbnail] The Perception of Cultural Change Emerging as a Result Of The Implemention of a New Teacher Evalution System: A Case Study
by J. McDonald Jr. (2014)
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[thumbnail] An Exploratory Case Study of the Professional Teaching and Learning Practices of Surgeons Providing Instruction in the Medical Devices and Diagnostics Industry: Implications for Faculty Development and Endorsement by the Professional Field
by R. Kenahan (05/21/2014)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] The Impact of Culturally Relevant Mathematics Pedagogy-based Professional Development on Teachers’ Instructional Practices
by A. Stachelek (2014)
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