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Educational Background
Ed.D. University of Cincinnati, 2004
MA. Miami University, 2001

Scholarly Interests
As a researcher of young children and elementary classrooms, Prof. Jones is interested in critical perspectives on language, literacies, and identities including the ways in which race, class, gender, and sexuality intersect with language, literacy, and school engagements. These interests have led to her commitment to ethnographic methods of studying classroom and community practice and activist research with and for working-class children and families. In addition to this, she is devoted to the ongoing development and rethinking of critical and feminist pedagogies in kindergarten through graduate and post-graduate classrooms. This focus on pedagogy constantly pushes her to study her teaching in university and professional development settings as well as work collaboratively with elementary school teachers in teacher-research projects.
Website: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/faculty/...
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[thumbnail] Girls, social class, and literacy: What teachers can do to make a difference
by S. Jones (2006)
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[thumbnail] Living Poverty and Literacy Learning: Sanctioning Topics of Students' Lives
by R. Meyer & S. Jones (12/2004)
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[thumbnail] Heroic Rescue During the Holocaust: Empirical and Methodological Perspectives
by R. Nemeroff, E. Midlarsky & S. Jones (circa 2005)
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