Anthropology Curriculum Study Project
The Anthropology Curriculum Study Project was a project intended to integrate Anthropology in high school classrooms. The project was undertaken from 1962-1969 by a Personnel Project Committee headed by Malcolm Collier with the partnership of the American Anthropological Association Advisory Committee, Associates, Consultants and Authors.

The project personnel were Malcolm Collier, Robert Hanvey, Kurt Johnson, Roberta McGowan, Ernestine Kyle, Alex Weingrod, Edwin Dethlefsen, Patty Jo Watson, and Karen Hagen.

The American Anthropological Association Advisory Committee were Stephen Boggs, Paul Bohannon, Charles Frantz, Stanley Garn, Fred Gearing, Solon Kimball, and Anthony Wallace.

The associates, consultants and authors were George Armstrong, Millicent Ayoub, Robert Braidwood, Wallace Chafe, Helen Codere, James Deetz, Eric Engstrom, J.A. Eichenberger, Margaret Fallers, James Gallagher, Fred Gearing, Michael Greenebaum, Richard Haines, David Hammack, Hazel Hertzberg, Kay Irwin, Charles Joslin, Robert LeVine, Robert Lystad, Alice Marriott, Charles Merbs, Robert Miller, David O’Neill, Roger Owen, Charles Reed, James Sackett, Rachel Sady, Nancy Schmidt, Diane Taylor, Eric Wolf, and Paul Zimmerman.
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