[picture]Lisa Miller Collection
Educational Background:
B.A., Yale College;
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Scholarly Interests:
Religion & spirituality, depression and substance abuse, related risk factors and protective factors.

Biographical information:

Assistant Professor Lisa Miller obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. Her clinical training was in cognitive, interpersonal, and short-term approaches to therapy. Her research and scholarly interests are in prevention and treatment interventions for children and adolescents at high risk, increased access to treatment among low SES populations, brief structured psychotherapy, intergenerational transmission of risk and resilience factors, and the development of religiosity and spirituality in children and adolescents. She recently received a W. T. Grant Faculty Scholars Award to study religiosity in adolescents and a NIMH grant to study treatment (Interpersonal Therapy) of depression in pregnant adolescents. Professor Miller''s current emphasis is on spiritual development in adolescents and its implications for coping.
Website: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/faculty/...
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[thumbnail] Understanding your two-year-old
by L. Miller (2004)
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[thumbnail] Intergenerational Transmission of Parental Bonding Among Women
by L. Miller, R. Kramer, V. Warner, P. Wickramaratne & M. Weissman (07/1997)
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[thumbnail] Religiosity and Depression: Ten-year Follow-up of Depressed Mothers and Offspring
by L. Miller, V. Warner, P. Wickramaratne & M. Weissman (10/1997)
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[thumbnail] Religiosity and Substance Use and Abuse Among Adolescents in the National Comorbidity Survey
by L. Miller, M. Davies & S. Greenwald (09/2000)
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[thumbnail] Religiosity, Depression, and Physical Maturation in Adolescent Girls
by L. Miller & M. Gur (02/2002)
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