[picture]Lawrence DeCarlo Collection
Associate Professor of Psychology and Education

Educational Background
B.A. (Psychology) SUNY at Stony Brook; M.S. (Biostatistics) Columbia University; Ph.D. (Psychology) SUNY at Stony Brook

Scholarly Interests
Statistical modeling of psychological processes, measurement, latent class analysis, categorical data analysis, structural equation modeling, multilevel and longitudinal data analysis, item response theory.
Website: http://www.columbia.edu/~ld208/...
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[thumbnail] A Latent Class Extension of Signal Detection Theory, with Applications
by L. DeCarlo (2002)
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[thumbnail] A Model of Rater Behavior in Essay Grading Based on Signal Detection Theory
by L. DeCarlo (2005)
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[thumbnail] Telephone Outreach to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening in an Urban minority Population
by C. Basch, R. Wolf, C. Brouse, C. Shmukler, A. Neugut, L. DeCarlo & S. Shea (2006)
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