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From age 6-16 John Broughton was the Cinema Paradiso style projector boy for a film society in rural England, and by 17 was official festival film reviewer for the British National Film Theatre. From journalism he moved to the study of psychology at Cambridge University, and thence to Harvard for doctoral studies in adolescent worldviews and moral development. He has published two books on developmental psychology and is now interim director of Cultural Studies in the department of Arts and Humanities at Teachers College, where he teaches courses on youth, pop culture, high technology, violence, gender, and diversity. Dr. Broughton has also initiated a data-base project at Columbia for archiving multimedia materials for classroom and student use. A budding videographer, he assists in the media lab at the Elizabeth Irwin High School in Soho.
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[thumbnail] The Cognitive developmental psychology of James Mark Baldwin : current theory and research in genetic epistemology
by J. Broughton & D. Freeman-Moir (1982)
uploaded by: John Broughton

[thumbnail] Critical Theories of Psychological Development
by J. Broughton (1987)
uploaded by: John Broughton

[thumbnail] Film & Education Research Academy (FERA)
by FERA (2006)
uploaded by: John Broughton


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