2016 (February) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations
This pocket contains February 2016 Ed.D. dissertations from Teachers College Columbia University.
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[thumbnail] (Re)Conceptualizing Higher Education in Post-Disaster Contexts: A Processual Analysis of Diaspora Engagement in Haiti's Reconstruction
by T. Hamm (02/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Mindfulness into Action: Transformational Learning through Collaborative Inquiry
by M. Vergara (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] The Cambiata: A Study of Ambiguity and Metaphor in Music and Music Education an Autobiographical Account
by J. Stubbe (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Learning to Step up Among Colleagues: An Examination of How Teacher Leaders Learn From Experience and in Communities of Practice
by W. Kwong (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Proto-Aesthetic Movement in Young Children: The Emergence of Expressive Dance in Children Aged One-and-A-Quarter to Five Years Old
by J. Frederiksen (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Cultural Border Crossing in Three Urban Classrooms: A Mixed Methods Study
by R. Roopnarine (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] TeamSTEPPS: A Case Study using a Complex Adaptive Systems Framework
by A. Loeb (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] 4-D Thinking: Using Rhythm to Network Domains of Knowledge
by G. Turow (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Exploring Self-Directed Learning in the Online Learning Environment: Comparing Traditional Versus Nontraditional Learner Populations
by R. Plews (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Serving the Needs of Struggling Developmental Education Students: The Development of a Program Planning Guidebook for Community College Administrators
by K. Bohnet (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Negotiating Our Realities: a multi-case study of teachers' perceptions and implementations of the Common Core Writing Standards
by C. Romeo (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] Locating Elementary Teachers' Professional Communities in a Structured Collaboration Environment
by S. Chu (2/10/2016)
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[thumbnail] The Role of Gender Bias in the Censorship of Art: Three International Case Studies
by H. Lewis (2/10/2016)
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