2015 (May) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations
This pocket contains May 2015 Ed.D. dissertations from Teachers College Columbia University.
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[thumbnail] Coordination of Reaching and Postural Control in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
by A. Chinnan (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] How Student Affairs Professionals Learn to Meet Student Needs and Institutional Expectations
by D. Cepin (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Putting Up a Fight: Exploring a Youth of Color Social Justice Praxis
by W. Watson (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Children as Multimodal Composers: A Case Study of Early Elementary Students' Digital Literacy Practices
by T. Yuan (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] An Online Evaluation of An E-Health Video Designed to Provide Diabeties Education to Latina Caregives of Older Adults with Diabetes: A Mixed-Methods Feasibility Study
by A. Zaldivar (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Learning is Aesthetic: Art and Performance as Pedagogic Conversations
by L. Hallmark (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Music in Family: Experience of Mutuality in Middle Childhood
by C. Cali (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Assessment in the General Music Classroom: a Contextual Examination
by J. Ingrassellino (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Learning to Innovate in Seed Phase Entrepreneurial Teams
by S. Robbins (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] English Earners' Note-Taking Practices in a Bilingual, Multimodal, Online Space
by K. Gorski (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Diffusing the Innovation of E-Health on Post-Exposure Prophylaxys (Pep) and Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Using an Avatar Video Targeting African American Women: Predictions of a High Rating of the Video
by K. Bond (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Microaggression Experiences, Stress, and Coping for Lesbian,Bisexual, or Queer-Identified Women Seeking the Goals of Children and/or Co-Parenting: An Online Survey of Experiences with Material Health Care
by A. Liss (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] A Study of the Flipped Classroom Model in a University Mathematics Class
by C. Quint (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] A Case Study Approach to the Right to Heal for South Asian Indigenous Women: Interview Findings with Community-Based Leaders in the Neighboring Countries of Nepal and Bangladesh on Challenges, Best Practices, and Recommendations
by T. Castillo (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Cambodian-American Views of Family-School Partnerships and Family Involvement in Education
by P. Keo (05/20/2015)
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