2015 (May) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations
This pocket contains May 2015 Ed.D. dissertations from Teachers College Columbia University.
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[thumbnail] Coordination of Reaching and Postural Control in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
by A. Chinnan (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] How Student Affairs Professionals Learn to Meet Student Needs and Institutional Expectations
by D. Cepin (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] (In)visible Sons: Exploring the Enactment of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy with African American Adolescent Males
by K. Allen (05/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] An Exploration of Barriers and Facilitators of HIV Testing Uptake in Adolescents in an Urban Setting in New York City
by C. Lee (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Using Geographic Information System (GIS) to Identify Clustered Elevated Rates of HIV and Syphilis Co-Infection in Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM) in Selected Areas in Texas and New York: Comparison and Identification of Core Areas for Targeted Prevention
by J. Morrison-Jones (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Teachers' Perceptions and Experiences of the Implementation of a Social-Emotional Learning Program in an Inner-city Public Elementary School
by J. Sung (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Beyond Boredom in the Bandroom: Examining Adolescent Student Engagement and Motivation during Secondary Band Classes
by L. Weiss (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Factors Associated with Screening Mammogram Adherence Among Sociodemographically Diverse Women: Findings From the 2013 Health Information National Trends Survey
by Y. Zhu (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Factors Associated with Fall Risk Score in Community Dwelling Elderly Blacks
by G. Vieux Basler (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Fatalism and Its Role in Post Cardiac Surgery Depression
by P. Trainor-O'Malley (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Beyond Incidents and Apologies: Toward a New Understanding of Campus Racial Conflict
by B. Vega (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] The Connections Between Four-Quadrant Brain Theory and Executive Coach Development
by T. Dotson (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Fourth-Year Medical Students` Experiences Developing Scholarly Projects: A Case Study
by S. Mustafa (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Jamaica on a Mission: Educational Policies and Student Outcomes in a "Post-Colonial" Attempt to Use School Reform to Advance National Development
by H. Reid (5/20/2015)
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[thumbnail] Integrated Solutions Strategies Demistified: The Interaction of Customer Learning Experiences and Persistence of Entry Barriers
by C. Spaeth (5/20/2015)
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