2012 (February) Teachers College Columbia University Ed.D. Dissertations
This pocket contains February 2012 Ed.D. dissertations from Teachers College Columbia University.
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[thumbnail] Information-Seeking Processes of Fourth Grade Students Using the Internet for a School Assignment
by P. Barrett (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Stuck in the Middle: The Professional Development Experiences of New Teacher Academy Facilitators
by K. Armstrong (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] An Online Investigation of the Experiences of Stress and Prevalence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for Female Armed Service Personnel Returning From Iraq and Afghanistan: Understanding their Needs and Implications for Intervention
by M. Riv├ęt (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] The Creation of a Culture of Inquiry: Engaging Teachers in Experiences with Art Objects in Museums
by S. Miller (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Technology Integration in a Private School in Lahore
by Y. Waqar (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Spontaneous Student-To-Student Discourse During A Drawing Task In the Middle-School Artroom
by M. Schwarz (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Current Assessment of Quality and Safety Competencies in Registered Professional Nurses: An Examination of Nurse Leader Perception
by E. Smith (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Motivational Interviewing and its Effect on Underachieving High Potential Adolescents
by E. Richer (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] How Ministers Understand and Address Emotional and Sexual Pressures in Ministry Work
by G. Reid (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Exploring Characteristics of International Schools that Promote International-Mindedness
by G. Muller (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Understanding School Responses to Latina/o Parents at the Middle School Level: A Phenomenological Study of Latina/o Parent Perception in the Provo School District
by F. Montero (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] The Lived Experience of School for the Adolescent after the Death of a Parent
by A. Masterson (02/08/2012)
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[thumbnail] Design of a Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning System for IT Project Portfolio Management
by I. Erhard (02/08/2012)
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