New York State School Finance Reform Archive
The New York State School Finance Reform Archive is an initiative of The Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. This comprehensive digital archive collects a broad range of documents chronicling the events and school finance issues associated with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) v. State of New York begun in December of 1999.

The archive is a part of the Gottesman Libraries Public Policy Archives Project, and is designed for all visitors interested in school finance, regardless of prior knowledge. For those who would like a basic overview of the CFE case, an explanation of the school budget process in New York State, answers to frequently asked questions about school finance reform, and a glossary of common terminology, please visit the background section to learn more. To start browsing the collection, click on a category on the left menu, a document type on the bar above, or conduct a search. The digital archive also includes Dialogues that provide arguments on different sides of key issues in the school finance debate and a Names and Faces section to learn about the key players in the CFE case.

The New York State School Finance Reform archive is an independent project of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College and is not affiliated with one particular viewpoint or stance.
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[thumbnail] Pataki Failed by UFT, CSA
by H. Medgal (1/13/2006)
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[thumbnail] Statement of Timothy G. Kremer, Regarding the 2006 Executive Budget
by New York State School Boards Association (01/2006)
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[thumbnail] NYSCOSS Statement on Governor Pataki's 2006-07 Budget Proposals for Education
by New York State Council of School Superintendents (01/2006)
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[thumbnail] Governor Ignores Calls for Spending $2 Billion Budget Surplus on Schools
by Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. (1/17/2006)
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[thumbnail] Governor turns back on seniors, students and middle-class
by New York Teacher (1/17/2006)
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[thumbnail] UFT responds to governor 2006 budget address
by United Federation of Teachers (01/2006)
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[thumbnail] Rebell Says Pataki Continues to Ignore Court Mandate
by L. Beck (1/18/2006)
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[thumbnail] Almost $17B earmarked for schools
by P. Ertelt (1/18/2006)
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[thumbnail] Local schools given less aid in state budget
by D. Richardson (1/18/2006)
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[thumbnail] Some officials criticize education proposals
by J. Franco (1/18/2006)
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[thumbnail] Challenging Albany: State spending looking up; Pataki's budget has a big number, and some good ideas
by Rochester Democrat and Chronicle (1/18/2006)
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[thumbnail] Pataki's missed opportunity; His school-aid proposals fix nothing
by Newsday (1/20/2006)
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[thumbnail] Bloomberg Calls Governor's School Aid Plan Unjust
by Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc (01/2006)
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[thumbnail] Surplus Grows to $3.3. Billion; Albany Runs out of Excuses for Underfunding Schools
by Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc. (01/2006)
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[thumbnail] Regents Proposal on State Aid to School Districts for 2006-2007
by New York State Education Department (2006)
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