New York State School Finance Reform Archive
The New York State School Finance Reform Archive is an initiative of The Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College. This comprehensive digital archive collects a broad range of documents chronicling the events and school finance issues associated with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) v. State of New York begun in December of 1999.

The archive is a part of the Gottesman Libraries Public Policy Archives Project, and is designed for all visitors interested in school finance, regardless of prior knowledge. For those who would like a basic overview of the CFE case, an explanation of the school budget process in New York State, answers to frequently asked questions about school finance reform, and a glossary of common terminology, please visit the background section to learn more. To start browsing the collection, click on a category on the left menu, a document type on the bar above, or conduct a search. The digital archive also includes Dialogues that provide arguments on different sides of key issues in the school finance debate and a Names and Faces section to learn about the key players in the CFE case.

The New York State School Finance Reform archive is an independent project of the Gottesman Libraries at Teachers College and is not affiliated with one particular viewpoint or stance.
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[thumbnail] Estimates Vary On Cost Of Added Aid; Nearly a year after judge ruled that state must spend more on schools, price tag remains uncertain
by J. Stashenko (4/12/2004)
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[thumbnail] ´╗┐Group: Schools need $9B from State
by W. Cruz (4/13/2004)
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[thumbnail] The Cash Excuse
by S. Stern (4/13/2004)
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[thumbnail] Klein Tells Albany: Pay Up Or I'll Sue
by C. Campanile (4/14/2004)
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[thumbnail] School Aid Sought at Others' Expense: Poll Finds Many New Yorkers Support Increased Assistance for Poor Districts but don't Want Funding Cut in their Own
by M. Gormley (4/16/2004)
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[thumbnail] State Must Reform Formula for Funding Education
by William Duncombe (4/18/2004)
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[thumbnail] The Maximum Bloomberg
by New York Times (3/19/2006)
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[thumbnail] CFE Calls for New System of Accountability: Requires Adequate Funding, Fair Distribution of Resources to All Schools, and Effective Spending
by Campaign for Fiscal Equity, Inc (04/2004)
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[thumbnail] Court may get ed me$$
by J. Mahoney (4/29/2004)
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[thumbnail] Bruno Voices Doubts on New York School Funding Talks
by M. Santora (4/29/2004)
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[thumbnail] SB 30 Parents Won't Get On DOE Bus
by R. Gentilviso & Queens Gazette (3/22/2006)
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[thumbnail] Borough Unites In Education $ Fight
by E. Thompson & Queens Tribune (3/23/2006)
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[thumbnail] Court Puts State CFE Obligation At Up To $5.63 Billion A Year
by Albany Business Review (3/23/2006)
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[thumbnail] School-Funds Chaos
by New York Post (3/24/2006)
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[thumbnail] The $19 Billion Question
by New York Post (5/3/2004)
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