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Well, I am back into the groove but this time I'm in for the whole twelve weeks to finish this year.
You know, I always get side-tracked by life, and that's not a good excuse. So, this is my Christmas gift to me. Instead of a new whatever..I will give and receive better health overall, more flexibility, greater strength and wellbeing.

Today I have clinic and three hospitals to visit. Then a meeting with the Nurse Practitioners...then home to my weight loss workout and a well deserved evening with my dog and DH!

At the office - an hour away from home at 2:30; get a text from my son "soccer practice canceled, I'm taking the bus home." I think great, now I don't have to rush home to pick him up from practice at 5:00. Another text: "I'm going to Wind Ensemble - I need to be picked up at 4:00." Ok, now I have to leave the office at 3:00 (thank God for my flexible work schedule and the ability to work anywhere, any time) Get a text from my daughter. The play rehearsal is running late, so I'm not coming home between rehearsal and marching band practice - would bring dinner, a change of clothes, and the stuff I need for band practice to the high school by 4:30, please?" I thinking, oh sure - I've got nothing better to do with my evening.

Laughing out loud! Sorry, I just have been there! Add an hour commute to work, and shift work, complete with nights, weekend, and holiday work. I'm an empty nester now, and I love it. I love my kids! Just raised them to go successfully into the world and am lucky and blessed that they're healthy enough to do just that. You know that saying "time flies," well...it does. Hang in there!

OMG, you made me laugh! My oldest still does that in college when he knows I am home close by.
I do remember his cross country and band days freshman year of high school. 6am drop off with clothes, breakfast and dinner. Get home dress for work, drop youngest off, work, pick up youngest, cook dinner, drop dinner off for oldest at high school, home for homework, shower for youngest, drive back to pick up oldest-repeat.
Dumpster diving in the room-LOL!
Hope you got some rest!
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