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The Department of Organization and Leadership honors a deep commitment to excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service. The Department is comprised of six programs, each supported by a world-class faculty. The programs are:

* Adult Learning and Leadership
* Education Leadership
* Higher and Postsecondary Education
* Nurse Executive
* Politics and Education
* Social-Organizational Psychology
Website: http://www.tc.columbia.edu/academic...

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[thumbnail] Library Presentation for Klingenstein Visiting Fellows, January 2008
by A. Foresta (01/24/2008)
uploaded by: Allen Foresta

[thumbnail] Can Creative Art Be Taught in College?
by L. Steppat (1951)
uploaded by: Harrigan Bowman

[thumbnail] A descriptive study of San Francisco Bay Area art instructors' perceptions of the knowledge and qualities needed for effective visual art teaching at the college level
by J. Fashokun (1988)
uploaded by: Harrigan Bowman

[thumbnail] To Be or Not To Be: The Teacher-Artist Conundrum
by S. Zwirn (2002)
uploaded by: Harrigan Bowman

[thumbnail] The Development of Artists at the Rhode Island School of Design
by E. Bekkala (2001)
uploaded by: Harrigan Bowman

[thumbnail] The Unending Search for Equity: California Policy, the
by L. Huerta (2004)
uploaded by: Luis Huerta

[thumbnail] Rethinking Cooling Out at Public Community Colleges: An Examination of Fiscal and Demographic Trends in Higher Education and the Rise of Statewide Articulation Agreements
by G. Anderson (2006)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] The Metaphysics of Childhood:Children in the Art of Carra and De Chirico
by J. Baldacchino (n/a, 2002 - 2003)
uploaded by: John Baldacchino

[thumbnail] Hope in Groundlessness: Art's Denial as Pedagogy
by J. Baldacchino (06/2005)
uploaded by: John Baldacchino

[thumbnail] The Invisible Hand: Big Business and Chicago School Reform
by D. Shipps (1997)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] When Schools Compete: A Cautionary Tale
by D. Shipps (2001)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Book Review of
by D. Shipps (2006)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Academic Couples: Problems and Promises
by A. Nuemann (1988)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Impact Of A National Rural Youth Health And Safety Initiative: Results From A Randomized Controlled Trial
by B. Lee, J. Westaby & R. Berg (2004)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters

[thumbnail] Comparing Attribute Importance And Reason Methods For Understanding Behavior: An Application To Internet Job Searching
by J. Westaby (2005)
uploaded by: Pocket Masters


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